The Greater Toronto Declaration

Summary of a comprehensive, compelling statement by the Canadian Covid Care Alliance, asking for an immediate pause of the COVID-19 vaccination program, restoration of fully informed consent, end of vaccine passports and mandates, re-focusing on prevention and early out-patient treatment, and open public discourse without censorship.

The first anniversary of the Great Barrington Declaration is coming up on October 5. The “GBD” galvanized critics of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic response as it represented a balanced, evidence-based position agreeable to many skeptical and concerned minds. It essentially argued to revert to pre-2020 pandemic plans focused on the protection of infected and vulnerable people rather than blanket measures targeting the healthy population with ineffective, harmful restrictions. The declaration had direct political impact in Florida where Governor DeSantis consulted about reopening the state with the GBD initiators Drs. Kulldorf, Gupta, and Bhattacharya. In a smaller way, the GBD brought together three Toronto-area geographers who wrote a forthcoming, peer-reviewed appeal to fellow academics, “Confronting the rise of authoritarianism during the COVID-19 pandemic should be a priority for critical geographers and social scientists“. From these humble beginnings, a growing group of “Canadian Academics for Covid Ethics” emerged over the summer of 2021, comprising PhDs from across the natural and social sciences and humanities.

Screenshot from (archived at with a list of critical Canadian doctors writing for, or cited in, the news throughout 2020

Meanwhile, Canadian doctors, health scientists, and (retired) public health officials have been raising questions and concerns about the pandemic response throughout 2020. In the spring of 2021, “independent Canadian doctors, scientists and health care practitioners” formed the “Canadian Covid Care Alliance“. Paying members of the “CCCA”, of which I am one, commit to “integrity, honesty and truthfulness in their work”, “respectful communications”, and to “associate with, and promote only evidence-based information”. The mission of the organization is to provide real help on the ground and offer independent advice and advocacy. The CCCA web site already contains many useful resources about issues such as informed patient consent, early treatment protocols, and the COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Now, the organization published the “Canadian Covid Care Alliance COVID-19 Declaration“.

The CCCA’s declaration starts with an executive summary consisting of eight concrete actions demanded of Canadian governments, public health agencies, and the media. They include revoking the ongoing emergency statutes; developing out-patient treatment guidelines for COVID-19; pausing the vaccination programs, mandates, and passports; respecting medical privacy and choice; ending travel restrictions and refraining from future lockdowns and quarantining of healthy people; and involving a diversity of expert opinions in public discourse and on advisory bodies. Among CA4CE members, we rephrased these action points as a petition to world leaders – the “Greater Toronto Declaration“.

In the introduction, the CCCA declaration explains the CCCA’s membership composition and outlines the current situation in the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. With reference to various scientific and media articles, the authors highlight the positive developments and findings including the lower-than-modelled mortality, strength of natural immunity, availability of vaccines to those who wanted them, and alternative approaches pursued by the Scandinavian countries. The CCCA then calls for a re-assessment of Canada’s public health response in light of the evolving science around COVID-19 and offers the organization’s expertise for independent advice. The remaining 24 pages of the declaration plus three appendices serve to support this appeal with reference to six areas of concern:

I. Early Treatment and Prophylaxis
II. Vaccine Safety and Surveillance
III. Immune Escape, Variants and Herd Immunity
IV. Informed Consent
V. Vaccine Passports and Vaccine Mandates
VI. Censorship

COVID-19 is a treatable disease, but even before someone falls ill, vitamin D and other dietary ingredients and supplements have long been known to strengthen our body’s defences against infections. Nasal and throat hygiene were shown to be effective in randomized trials (to the point that German doctor Klaus-Dieter Zastrow argued that anti-septic gargling recommendations could have made lockdowns and most other pandemic response measures obsolete, though this is not a claim made in the CCCA declaration!). Those who fall seriously ill with COVID-19 still have generally high survival rates, despite the haphazard treatment protocols in hospitals and suppression of out-patient treatment options in many countries including Canada. The declaration emphasizes the need to educate health-care providers and the public about the available, affordable, and effective early treatment options and to include medical practitioners on government advisory panels.

During the roll-out of Canada’s vaccination campaign in the first half of 2021, doctors and health scientists in the CCCA developed increasing concerns with the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine products. Dr. Charles Hoffe in British Columbia is one of the few doctors worldwide who heeded an early warning about blood clotting sent on 28 February 2021 to the European Medicines Agency by Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and others. He tested his patients for the d-dimer marker for micro-clotting after vaccination and found a high number of suspected adverse events. Ontario-based Drs. Byram Bridle and Michael Palmer are two among many health scientists who describe possible cellular mechanisms in response to mRNA vaccine design that would negatively interfere with the body’s immune system and could cause significant short- and long-term harm, in particular to the cardio-vascular system. These concerned doctors and scientists are systematically silenced by the media, threatened by their professional organizations, and ignored by public health officials. The corresponding scientific evidence, which is amply referenced in the CCCA declaration, is equally being suppressed.

Volume 3 of Science, Public Health Policy & the Law with critical assessments of vaccine adverse event reporting systems,

Most shockingly, various governments’ own vaccine adverse event reporting systems and processes appear to be completely dysfunctional. For the US-focused VAERS, Dr. Jessica Rose reported clear “safety signals”. Detecting these is the purpose of the reporting systems, and their monitoring is a requirement of vaccine approvals. Dr. Rose suggests that the “reported deaths, spontaneous abortions, anaphylactic reactions, cardiovascular, neurological, and immunological adverse events” were indeed likely caused by the COVID-19 vaccines. Her peer-reviewed paper is in press for an interesting volume of Science, Public Health Policy & the Law; the above quote is from a summary at “America’s Frontline Doctors“. Unfortunately, public health authorities in the US, and perhaps even more so in Canada, do not appear to be interested in re-examining vaccine safety. By contrast, the CCCA takes the position that the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines is not sufficiently certain for population-wide roll-out and therefore “the Canadian government’s current COVID-19 vaccine program should be paused immediately for the safety of all Canadians, especially considering that those most at risk of the disease are already largely vaccinated. Additional vaccinations will produce more harm than benefit.”

Vaccines for respiratory diseases such as the flu or COVID-19 are typically non-sterilizing, or “leaky”. They do not prevent infection of the respiratory tract and therefore do not stop transmission either. In addition, and in contrast to natural immunity, the mRNA vaccines produce antibodies only for the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, not for several components of the virus. This limitation is also discussed by Dr. John Zwaagstra in an article on “Vaccine concerns weighed against natural immunity” and a related video interview with the Too Cool for School initiative. Applying a leaky vaccine while the virus circulates widely can promote the development of resistant, and possibly more dangerous, “escape” variants. The CCCA unequivocally declares that “vaccination will not achieve herd immunity” and that we need the contribution of natural immunity among those who are at low risk from COVID-19.

I will never forget reading a doctor’s social media post (whether authentic or just a meme;) about a patient entering her practice during the pandemic and intuitively extending his hand for a greeting. The doctor took the hand and thanked the patient for the boost to her immune system! The media are now waking up to the possibility that the fall and winter 2021/22 will present a bad “flu season” because children were not exposed to the usual amount and variety of viruses to “update” their immune systems. Instead of terrorizing our kids with the thought that they may kill grandma if they don’t follow public health measures, the reality is that they may save grandma through natural immunity after recovering from the infection!

One of the staples of modern health care, and in fact modern civilization, is that no medical treatment can proceed without the informed consent of the patient. In its declaration, the CCCA points out that many vaccinated individuals were not informed about the mRNA technology or their individual benefit-risk assessment. The missing elements of informed consent in the era of COVID include a lack of knowledge of adverse events; padded vaccine efficacy using relative risk reduction without mentioning the much smaller absolute risk reduction; under-estimation of the survivability rate of 99.95% for the under-50, 99.4% for those 50-64 years, and 91% for those 65 and older; susceptibility based on comorbidities; and the extremely low, virtually non-existing risk for children. In this light, I think we need to re-label “informed consent” as “proxy-informed pseudo-consent“. This highlights the fact that in a mass vaccination campaign, possibly under existential pressures from a workplace or school vaccine mandate, information is not gathered and assessed by the patient but by public health authorities as a proxy. And consent is not given voluntarily, as it should, but assumed by default (‘just sign at the bottom”). The CCCA additionally notes that “this blatant disregard for medical ethics and most recent scientific data during COVID-19 vaccinations will irreparably damage Canadians’ trust in the traditional vaccine programs”.

In Section V of the CCCA COVID-19 Declaration, the authors advance legal, scientific, medical, and logistic arguments against vaccine passports and mandates. This includes the resulting perversion of “freely given” informed consent and the prohibition from proceeding with a medical intervention without a person’s consent; equality and non-discrimination rights; international mobility rights; breach of medical privacy; and prohibition from using genetic test results for employment-related decisions. I am particularly pleased to see that the CCCA does not shy away from calling SARS-CoV-2 “similar to a bad flu … for the majority of the population”, given some of the responses I have received in the past for that comparison. In other scientific and medical news, “emerging studies and clinical observations [show] that both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated can contract, carry and transmit COVID-19 and carry similar viral loads. This fact alone entirely negates the purpose of a Vax Pass or vaccine mandates.

Source: CCCA COVID-19 Declaration, page 28,

The last of these six sections, and the shortest but perhaps most important and punchy, deals with censorship. The declaration takes a direct hit at the so-called “Trusted News Initiative”, which was created by major news with social media and big tech corporations to combat disinformation and tackle its purported “threat to democracy and even to people’s lives“, yet is viewed by many as an instrument of covert censorship and suppression of alternative viewpoints. The CCCA calls on government and media to stop suppressing, maligning, muzzling, threatening, sanctioning, smearing, de-platforming, and cancelling “highly credentialed and well-respected physicians, scientists and academics” for speaking or writing against the government narrative.

Appendix A of the declaration is a list of some 20 groups of side effects that are under FDA safety surveillance in conjunction with the COVID-19 vaccines. One of those adverse events is death, which reminds me of another meme that is making the rounds: “A treatment that has death as a possible side effect shouldn’t be mandated.” Appendix B provides additional evidence against youth vaccination, while Appendix C summarizes the results of Dr. Rose’s study mentioned above. The Canadian Covid Care Alliance COVID-19 Declaration is a comprehensive and compelling appeal to halt the COVID-19 vaccinations, coercion, and segregation; return to basic medical ethics; refocus the pandemic response towards the protection of vulnerable groups and treatment of the ill; and consult with a broader range of expert advisers. The declaration deserves wide circulation and the immediate attention of decision-makers. As a petition, I hope the Greater Toronto Declaration can help with this.