Ryerson Geographers gearing up for Tampa

A record number of Geography faculty and graduate students are going to attend the Association of American Geographers (AAG) annual meeting 2014 in Tampa, Florida, next week. Here is the line-up of our research presentations (alphabetically by presenting author):

  1. David M Atkinson*, Paul Treitz, Neal Scott
    Modelling Biophysical Variables and Carbon Dioxide Exchange in Canadian Arctic Tundra Landscapes Using Remote Sensing Data
  2. Harald Bauder*
    Possibilities of Open Borders and No Border
  3. Brian Ceh*, Tony Hernandez
    A New Urbanism: Evidence from Canadian Cities
  4. Victoria Fast*
    Building a Virtual Climate Change Adaptation Community to Promote Urban Agriculture Initiatives
  5. Wayne Forsythe*, Meghan McHenry, David M Atkinson, Joseph M Aversa, Stephen J Swales, Peter Kedron, Daniel J Jakubek
    Utilizing Bathymetry Data for the Geovisualization of Contaminated Sediment Patterns in the Laurentian Great Lakes of North America
  6. Christopher S. Greene*, Andrew A Millward
    Quality or quantity? Investigating the role of tree canopy density to moderate temperature in the urban microclimate
  7. Mary Grunstra*, Brian Ceh, Eric Vaz
    Spatial Distribution of Disinfection Byproducts in Drinking Water: Case of Ontario, Canada
  8. Claus Rinner, Heather Ann Hart*, Suzanne Kershaw, Cara Mirabelli, Elizabeth Lin, Alexia Jaouich
    The Role of Maps in Mental Health Care System Improvement and Policy Input
  9. Tony Hernandez*, Maurice Yeates
    E-Retail and the Future of the Canadian Mall
  10. Peter Kedron*
    Firm Value-Chain Reorganization, Regional Industrial Transformation, and the Geography of Innovation in the Canadian Biofuel Industry
  11. Bradley D Macpherson*
    A Web-based Visualization of Weighted Centrality Scores Using TileMill and MapBox
  12. Claus Rinner, Michael Markieta*, Kruti Desai, Marcy Burchfield, Rian Allen
    Widgets for Wicked Problems: The Neptis Geoweb Tool and Datasets
  13. Colleen Middleton*, Stephen Swales, Wayne Forsythe
    The Use of Geographical Information System (GIS) Analysis to Delimit a Protected Area for the Old-Growth Red Pine Forest in Wolf Lake, Temagami, Ontario, Canada
  14. Andrew Allan Millward*, Michelle Blake
    The Potential for Perennial Vines to Mitigate Summer Warming of an Urban Microclimate
  15. Claus Rinner*, Duncan MacLellan, Krista Heinrich, Kathryn Barber
    Place-Based Policy-Making with Area-Based Composite Indices – Conceptual Challenges and Community Uptake of “Wellbeing Toronto”
  16. Vadim Sabetski*, Andrew Millward
    Virtual Daylighting: Documenting Urban Tree Root Locations Using Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  17. James W. N. Steenberg*, Andrew A. Millward
    Urban Forest Ecosystem Classification using City Neighborhoods
  18. Stephen Swales*, K. Wayne Forsythe
    Evaluation of the Geography of Demand in Canada Using Diverse Data Sources
  19. Eric Vaz*, Brian Ceh
    A Spatial Analysis of the influence of urban centrality for the business landscape of Mumbai, India
  20. Lu Wang*
    Exploring ethnic variations in healthcare access in Canada: a comparison among multiple ethnic groups
  21. Shuguang Wang*, Tony Hernandez
    Conceptualizing Ethnic Retailing

The presentations span the breadth of Geography, Environmental Studies, and GIScience, and involve students and alumni from the Master of Spatial Analysis (MSA), MAsc and PhD in Environmental Applied Science and Management, and PhD in Policy Studies. We are looking forward to meeting geographers from around the globe in Tampa!